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This Podcast Contains Spoilers

Oct 30, 2010

World 8 Podcast co-host Chase Koeneke joins Evan to talk about John Carpenter's 1982 gross-out alien movie. After the worst intro in the history of the show, they pull it together and discuss the film, its disappointing video game "sequel," their own ideas for what to do with the license, and the upcoming prequel of the...

Oct 21, 2010

In a special episode, Evan chronicles the 24 hours he spent participating in Extra Life, Sarcastic Gamer's charity marathon benefitting the Children's Miracle Network. Things get pretty grim. He also talks to his fundraising teammates Mitch Dyer, Ken Wesley, and Brian Taylor about their marathons, and why this event is...

Oct 20, 2010

In a slight break from normality, Evan and Bitmob Editor/Sophist Radio co-host James DeRosa join forces to talk about time travel in media. They cover so much ground it's not even funny. But then they talk some shit about time travel movies they hate, and that's kind of funny.

Oct 1, 2010

[Sorry about the audio issues on this one.]

Evan and geekCasual's Mark Whitney do their best to discuss Tommy Wiseau's eccentric melodrama The Room. Eventually they give up and read listener e-mails about some of the (other) worst movies ever made.